Our Services


We Make House Calls!

Country Medicine aims to find a balance between modern and traditional medicine to improve your health.

In a Nursing Home or Hospital?

If you or a loved one are in a nursing home, hospital, rehabilitation center, or other care facility we can come visit you there!  Our team is happy to visit you and provide treatment and care wherever you are located. 

Recently released from a hospital?  We can help you transition back home and follow up with any additional care you may need. 


Country Medicine offers primary and specialty care ranging from transitioning back home after a hospitalization, to physical exams, vaccines, and other medical treatments.  We provide the same quality of care as one would expect in a doctor's office without the hassle of transportation or sitting in the waiting room. 

If your condition requires a specialist outside of our area of expertise, we have a network of physicians to connect you with. 

Electronic Health Record

We use electronic health records to keep patient information and medication up to date. By using our unique Medical Inventory Card as a repository for your medical information  providing  care and receiving treatment become more efficient and accurate. 

All medications and treatments are uploaded and accessible for patients to securely view or print at any time.

To learn more visit the MICard page.